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Homeward Bound

Posted by Jackie on February 4, 2010

Romania 2007 (16) 108

Finally, I’ve come to the end of this photographic trip down memory lane. Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog, whether or not you’ve left comments. It’s been great sharing one of my favourite places with people around the world.

This picture shows the departures at Bucharest’s airport (I went to call it Otopeni Airport there, though it was renamed Henri Coanda airport a few years ago. I can’t get used to that at all!) on the morning of 6 October 2007, and although I’d absolutely loved my time in Sibiu (and in Chisinau (Rep.Moldova), where I spent August and September that year) I was just desperate to get home again. I guess having my wedding less than 3 months later might have had something to do with that!!

I hope this blog has given you a little flavour of Sibiu. It really is a fantastic place, and I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’m kind of embarrassed that a stay of about 3 months resulted in enough photos to keep this blog going for nearly a year and a half – I did actually work while I was there, though you wouldn’t think so from this blog! Anyway, it has been really fun for me to relive some memories of the place and of my time there, and it’s been good to give Sibiu a bit of a wider audience.


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Mountain views

Posted by Jackie on February 3, 2010

Romania 2007 (16) 104

Romania 2007 (16) 105 Romania 2007 (16) 106

Considering these were taken from a moving bus, I’m quite pleased with these pictures. As you can see, Romania has some absolutely beautiful countryside as well as some lovely cities and towns. Well worth a visit (no they’re not paying me to write this, sadly! But it’s true!).

5 October 2007

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Heading south

Posted by Jackie on February 2, 2010

Romania 2007 (16) 102

Romania 2007 (16) 103

Photos today and tomorrow were taken from the bus as I headed south out of Sibiu and on towards Bucharest ready to go home. Sibiu nestles in the Carpathian mountains, so the first part of the journey is really scenic. I was lucky that, by chance, I met someone I knew who was also going to Bucharest, so she helped me get through the crowds onto the bus in the first place (it was a scrum, but as we were going the whole way rather than just part-way they let us onto the last 2 seats!) and provided some good company for a long journey.

5 October 2007

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Final sky

Posted by Jackie on February 1, 2010

Romania 2007 (16) 101

This is my last picture of *that* sky. I love the silhouette of the intricate streetlamp against the sky.

It’s also technically my last photo of Sibiu, though I’ve got a few days’ pictures still to come – you’ll see.

5 October 2007

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