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Mountain views

Posted by Jackie on February 3, 2010

Romania 2007 (16) 104

Romania 2007 (16) 105 Romania 2007 (16) 106

Considering these were taken from a moving bus, I’m quite pleased with these pictures. As you can see, Romania has some absolutely beautiful countryside as well as some lovely cities and towns. Well worth a visit (no they’re not paying me to write this, sadly! But it’s true!).

5 October 2007


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Heading south

Posted by Jackie on February 2, 2010

Romania 2007 (16) 102

Romania 2007 (16) 103

Photos today and tomorrow were taken from the bus as I headed south out of Sibiu and on towards Bucharest ready to go home. Sibiu nestles in the Carpathian mountains, so the first part of the journey is really scenic. I was lucky that, by chance, I met someone I knew who was also going to Bucharest, so she helped me get through the crowds onto the bus in the first place (it was a scrum, but as we were going the whole way rather than just part-way they let us onto the last 2 seats!) and provided some good company for a long journey.

5 October 2007

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