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Str. Xenopol (2)

Posted by Jackie on September 7, 2009

Romania 2007 (15) 057

This is Str. Xenopol looking the other way from yesterday’s picture. Str. Tribunei is the street at the end of the road, and just past the building on the right closest to where I was standing to take the picture is the back garden of the Orthodox Cathedral.

22 July 2007


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Str. Xenopol (1)

Posted by Jackie on September 6, 2009

Romania 2007 (15) 055

This is one end of Str. Xenopol, which is parallel to and in between Str. Mitropoliei (the road the Orthodox Cathedral is on) and Str. Balcescu (the pedestrian street where lots of the shops are). It was also just round the corner from where I was living in Str. Tribunei. You can get to Str. Balcescu by turning right at the green building.

22 July 2007

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A couple more of the passageway

Posted by Jackie on August 19, 2009

Romania 2007 (15) 038 Romania 2007 (15) 039

Here’s a couple more of the passageway, taken from halfway through it – the first one is looking towards Str. Mitropoliei, and the second is looking towards Str. Xenopol.

21 July 2007

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