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Posted by Jackie on September 12, 2009

Romania 2007 (15) 069

This was another of my favourite places! A little place on Str. Balcescu, selling gogosi (pronounced “goggosh”), which are basically hot doughnuts with a filling – I must admit I usually went for the chocolate, but they also did apricot, strawberry, jam, and it’s also possible to have savoury fillings though I don’t remember this lot doing them. Fortunately it was so hot that I couldn’t cope with them most days – in the winter I suspect I would have had at least one a day 🙂 The left hand window was where you placed your order and paid – I think the guy in the photo just got in front of me!

The other things they sold which I liked were covrigi (pronounced “covreej” – hard “j”) – which are salted bread, basically pretzels. Mmmmm.

23 July 2007


4 Responses to “Gogosi”

  1. I want a gogosi, I want a gogosi! Delicious sounding treat!

  2. Ian said

    As do I! They sound wondrous. Mmmmmmmm.

  3. Jackie said

    They were stunning. Funnily enough I really really don’t like British doughnuts, and I’m not at all sure what the difference is. Maybe gogosi were less sugary or something.

  4. ferijen said

    mmmm tasty

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