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Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation (1)

Posted by Jackie on July 4, 2009

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The Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation is one of those museums that really does take all day, and is absolutely exhausting because there is simply so much to see. I’ve been twice now, and I’m sure there are still things I haven’t seen. It showcases traditional rural life in what is arguably one of the best outdoor museums in Romania. I think my photos from here will also, like the ones of the view from the Counsellor’s Tower, keep us going for a while 🙂

This is from the section of wooden houses and churches from the Maramures (northern Romania) region.

8 July 2007


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  1. m_m said

    I love such places! They have a lot of charm, and there is a special smell inside the houses. Such houses make me think about the past and people who lived in them.

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