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Mystery church

Posted by Jackie on May 24, 2009

Romania 2007 (12) 050

This little church stands in the square front of the bus and train stations. I have to admit I know nothing about it at all, it’s not marked on my map, so I don’t know what it is called and have no idea if it is in use or not. I assume it’s some sort of Orthodox chapel, but I’d love it if any locals could explain! Va multumesc mult!

23 June 2007


3 Responses to “Mystery church”

  1. Ian said

    A beautiful church, whoever owns it.

    And the lovely blue skies continue.

  2. Hilda said

    Whatever kind of church it is, I think it’s lovely. And I think it’s very much still in use — both the building and the gardens look well-maintained.

  3. Vennorex said

    cute little church.

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