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Railway Museum (1)

Posted by Jackie on May 5, 2009

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Yesterday’s sign was what welcomes visitors to Sibiu’s open-air Railway Museum. This does put the sign in a bit more context – it was forbidding people who weren’t railway workers and authorised to be there (and presumably was an old sign anyway).

The museum is situated along the side of the railway line out of Sibiu, and is home to around 30 steam locomotives, snow ploughs and steam cranes. It really is a train-spotter’s dream! Having seen the (un)welcome sign I wandered round trying to find someone to ask if I was allowed to just wander round and have a look, and I did find some railway workers (there still seems to be what looked like some housing and a workers’ mess there) but they didn’t seem to think it was a problem so I just wandered round taking pictures.

CFR, the initials you can see on the building and on the trains, is the Romanian national railway company. It stands for Căile Ferate Române (literally “Romanian Iron Ways/Roads”). For the football fans among you, the team CFR Cluj was in the early stages of the Champions League this last season, and as I understand it the name derives from the fact that many football teams were sponsored by a particular industry during the communist times, so CFR Cluj was the former railway team in Cluj.

17 June 2007


4 Responses to “Railway Museum (1)”

  1. Jacob said

    Those are some oldies but goodies. Terrific photos!

  2. Hilda said

    I love these old, black trains though I’ve never seen any in person. Do some of them still run or are they all for display only? I know some little boys who’d go ga-ga here!

  3. babooshka said

    I’m not a train buff but can clearly see the lure of these beauties. Far more character than the modern form, like most things.

  4. Ian said

    Wonderful. I’d walk past a threatening sign for these. 😉

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