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Access Forbidden

Posted by Jackie on May 4, 2009

Romania 2007 (12) 024

The place I visited next was a bit out of the way, a short walk out of the city centre on the north-east side of town. I was a bit disconcerted when I eventually found it (it’s not well-marked or advertised) to find this welcoming sign, which translated means “Access Forbidden to Foreign People”! Undaunted, you’ll be pleased to know I carried on regardless (without having to show my passport) and I’ll show you the resulting photos over the next few days.

17 June 2007


3 Responses to “Access Forbidden”

  1. kolcs said

    ok, but don’t let anyone think it was actually ment for “Foreign” people. the word refers either to foreigners but here it refered to strangers (it’s the same word in romanian). It’s funny, but you might leave the wrong impression.

    What place is this?

  2. kolcs said

    a fost un articol despre ei si in Esquire acum un an.

  3. Jackie said

    Hi Kolcs, yes of course you’re right, and I figured it meant strangers in context. But as a foreign “strain” it literally made me stop for a couple of seconds!

    I’ve got photos from tomorrow showing where it is – actually it’s a great place, so you mustn’t be put off by the sign, whether you are a foreign or a Romanian “strain”.

    Articolul in Esquire a fost despre “straini” sau despre acest muzeul?

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