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Posted by Jackie on May 1, 2009

Romania 2007 (12) 014

The city wall I showed yesterday goes along the length of Str. Cetatii, and also features some of the towers built in order to protect the city (this is a common feature of the Romanian Saxon cities, Sighisoara being another good example). Of course, silly me, I forgot to note which tower was which and 2 years later can’t remember – anyway, the towers were named after the trades guilds which paid for them, and the surviving ones are named after the Carpenters, Potters and the wonderfully-named Arquebusiers guilds (that one was later known as Drapers Tower). This is one of the towers – I’ll show another tomorrow.

17 June 2007


3 Responses to “Ramparts”

  1. julie said

    the tower looks great. such history.

  2. Jacob said

    Very interesting story and great photo!

  3. george said

    this is the ‘wonderfully-named Arquebusiers’ one; (building starts round 1350)
    btw, about the history:
    besides the bastions, in 1575 there were 39 (!) defense towers (28 in trades guilds’ responsibilities and 11 in city’s administration)
    you can search on net for the ‘Böbel album’ – Johann Böbel (1824-1887)- a baker as profession, also gifted painter; you may find there beautiful water-color paintings of existing city towers round 1850.

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