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Posted by Jackie on April 28, 2009

Romania 2007 (12) 009

While all the music was going on in Piata Mare, in Piata Mica next door, this sculpture was starting to take shape. This isn’t the finished product (you can see the guys still working on it) – I’ll come back to it later on when it’s done. It always reminded me of an egg.

16 June 2007


6 Responses to “Egg?”

  1. Chickensue said


  2. kolcs said

    i think it was supposed to be jellyfish. at least that’s what the newspapers called it. anyway it had a computer inside it and if you talked to it it responded depending on your tone of voice, it would be kind or angry(it would change colour as well)

  3. Ian said


  4. Hilda said

    I thought it was a hand, but it has too many fingers!

  5. m_m said

    Hehe – it looks like an egg on the many legs or like an octopus:)

  6. Jackie said

    Kolc, thanks for that – I remember it well, and got a shock the first time I walked through it and it talked to me! Later on in my series I’ll show a photo or two of the finished product. Jellyfish, yeah I can see that (it’s a bit beyond my Romanian vocabulary though, so I might not have picked it up if I’d seen it in the papers!).

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