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“Blacker than Copsa Mica”

Posted by Jackie on April 26, 2009

Romania 2007 (12) 008

One weekend in mid-June saw Piata Mare taken over by the Artmania festival. “Blacker than Copsa Mica” was a headline in the local paper – Copsa Mica is a town a train ride away from Sibiu which is notorious for having the most polluting industry, which belched out fumes which would turn washing on the line black, and (more seriously) it had the worst life expectancy in Romania. It’s still not exactly the most desirable place in the world – I’ve not been there, but I have been on trains which stopped there and there was definitely an industrial smell that I wouldn’t want to be breathing in for too long, that’s for sure.

Anyway, Artmania is a music festival for all things Goth, and this photo shows a few people waiting for the first act to start. Piata Mare was cordoned off for the weekend, those of us without wristbands for the festival could only walk round the outer edges, though as it wasn’t really my kind of music I spent the weekend exploring elsewhere. I do remember on the first day of the festival (I think when I took this photo), I was wearing a navy blue top and navy blue skirt, and felt positively colourful, as hordes of people dressed in black took over the city centre! (the reds and whites you see here were definitely in the minority!).

16 June 2007


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  1. cellini said

    great photos!

  2. Lara said

    I always forget to come to this blog too… I should, because it’s great to see Sibiu through your lens!

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