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More from the army parade

Posted by Jackie on April 22, 2009

Romania 2007 (11) 019

Heading back home I found the army parade (complete with speeches) was still going on in Piata Mare. I’m not sure who the guy in blue was, or why he was in a different colour to everyone else.

Romania 2007 (11) 020

13 June 2007


2 Responses to “More from the army parade”

  1. m_m said

    Great photos! I said this before but I must repeat it – lovely houses in the background!:)

  2. Jackie said

    Thanks m_m! The ground floor of them all are shops – bookshop, pharmacy, banks, etc – I’m not sure whether the upper floors are offices, belong to the shops or are private apartments (if they are apartments I suspect they’ll be very expensive, in such a good location!).

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