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Ball and fountain

Posted by Jackie on April 9, 2009

Romania 2007 (10) 142

Whoops I meant to blog this one yesterday and yesterday’s photo today, but the internet playing up must have confused my poor old brain! Anyway, slightly out of sequence, here we are two days earlier after the Sistem concert, at the fountain in Piata Mare. This activity of balancing the ball on the fountain was absolutely captivating some of the little kids around!

10 June 2007


5 Responses to “Ball and fountain”

  1. Ian said

    I think I’d be captivated as well!

  2. Jacob said

    Is that really possible? Are you sure there’s no string holding that up? If I tried that, the ball would shoot straight up and hit me in the face!

  3. Jackie said

    Jacob, the fountains were variable – sometimes the plumes of water disappear back into the ground for a few seconds. So if you put the ball on the hole where the water comes from, it gets lifted up next time the water appears 🙂

  4. Jacob said

    Ok, Jackie…that I can understand. But how the heck does it stay up – it seems there would be so many slight movements and variations the ball would go rolling off into the netherworld…or maybe it is surrounded by so much water it can’t do that.

    Not a major world problem, for sure, but thanks for explaining how it works!

  5. m_m said

    Hehe – interesting:)

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