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Curious trees

Posted by Jackie on March 26, 2009

Romania 2007 (10) 055

Now, here’s a bit of a curiosity. Throughout Romania (and Moldova too when I was there) I noticed that pretty much every tree, especially those by roads, had their bottom 3-4ft or so painted white. To this day I’ve never had a definitive answer as to why. Some people told me it’s a special paint that prevents the tree getting infected, and others said it acts as a reflector at night along country roads that don’t have street lamps (but that doesn’t explain why they were also painted in a well-lit city road). My favourite explanation was that it helps drunks who are otherwise lost stagger their way home without wandering too far from the road which they’d otherwise be unable to see. Most people I asked though stopped and thought and realised they didn’t know, they’d never been told why – it’s just always been done. If any of my readers know the real real reason, I’d love to know!

A bit of orientation. This was taken standing outside the Orthodox seminary (where the frescoes were), opposite the Orthodox Cathedral. Where the road turns left at the pale orange building, that is the street where I lived. It was brilliant being so central 🙂

10 June 2007

[Edited because I do know left from right really!]


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  1. ineke said

    i have always believed the version where they would reflect car lights in the dark. I guess the lights in the streets have been added later?

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