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Concert poster

Posted by Jackie on February 11, 2009

Romania 2007 (9) 028

Having recently enjoyed many of the cultural events of the International Theatre Festival, no sooner was that over than the Transylvanian International Film Festival (TIFF) started. I already mentioned a few days ago that I had failed to get a ticket for a special showing of “4,3,2”, but I was really delighted that not only was I able to go to this concert, but it was absolutely free! The guy in the box office really enjoyed my disbelief, having seen my disappointment about the film.

This group, Fanfara Ciocarlia, are one of the well-known gipsy bands from Romania. They even featured in the film “Borat”, and (perhaps less famously) on my Glasgow Daily Photo blog last year as they played at the Celtic Connections Festival. Later in the week I’ll show some pictures from the concert (which was one of the best live gigs I have ever ever been to).

6 June 2007


2 Responses to “Concert poster”

  1. Lunarossa said

    I remember them from the Borat film!!! I bet you can speak Romanian very well by now. I’m fascinating by this language, it sounds so similar to Italian but at the same time it’s got a bit of slavic influence. Ciao. A.

  2. Jackie said

    I didn’t see the film – actually it’s been quite controversial in Romania (where the bits supposedly in shot Kazakhstan were actually filmed), the villagers claim they thought they were filming a documentary and were humiliated by it all because they didn’t know he was having a laugh. They then went and spoilt it by demanding millions of $ in compensation (which hasn’t been paid to my knowledge).

    I do speak the language – I can get by pretty well, I wouldn’t say I was fluent, but I can understand most of what is going on and I did all my interviews in Romanian rather than English which was much better, both for getting good data and for my credibility! I really love the language, though I’m not a natural linguist – it’s just that living there for a decent amount of time and immersing myself in it made all the difference.

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