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Guard dog

Posted by Jackie on February 10, 2009

Romania 2007 (9) 031

This young fellow was at the bottom of the stairs in yesterday’s photo – basically he was a stray dog that had “adopted” our little block. The little old lady who lived next door to me put scraps of food out, and he lived in the courtyard or outside my door most of the time. Occasionally he’d pop out for a walk around (I saw him in Str. Balcescu a couple of times) but he always came back.

For a little dog, he had a LOUD bark! There was never any danger of us being burgled – if he saw someone he didn’t know come into the courtyard he barked and barked and barked and barked and …. well you get the picture. No matter what time of the day or night (grrr). Once he realised you were a regular you were alright – he barked at me for about a week and then after that he’d just look, see it was me and go back to his snoozing/eating/languishing. But if the estate agent came round, or when my (then) fiance (now husband) came to stay for a holiday, he went ballistic (which was quite entertaining when we arrived back late at night and not only were negotiating the stairs in the pitch black but also trying to avoid the silly dog!).

Romania has quite a problem all over with stray dogs, especially in Bucharest. There especially the problem can be traced back to the Ceausescu times, when families who were either being turned out of their houses so that they could be demolished for some crazy ugly building or other, or simply couldn’t afford a pet any more, had to turn their dogs out on the streets, where they did what dogs do and bred like, well, rabbits. I didn’t see loads of strays in Sibiu, but this one wasn’t the only one. It was quite reassuring having him around, although I could have done without the 3am barkfests (of which there was more than one).

6 June 2007


3 Responses to “Guard dog”

  1. Kevin said

    He’s cute. Looks friendly too.

  2. Hilda said

    He’s a cutie!

    Manila also has a huge problem with stray cats and dogs. But with the level of poverty here, I guess they’re just not a top priority. I’m glad that several non-profit organizations have decided to champion and help them.

  3. Lunarossa said

    What a sweetie!

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