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Roman Catholic Church and sky

Posted by Jackie on January 17, 2009

Romania 2007 (8) 013

Turning a bit further to the right of yesterday’s picture, here’s the Roman Catholic church that sits between Piata Mica and Piata Mare, also under that amazing sky.

3 June 2007


3 Responses to “Roman Catholic Church and sky”

  1. Marcel van Baaren said

    I have been going through your blog, you live in a beautiful place. I have been to Rumania ones, it is a great place to discover! Thanks for you photo’s.

  2. babooshka said

    It is a fabulous place. Have to say not at all what I was expecting. The architecture yes, but the colours,no.

  3. Jackie said

    Thanks Marcel. Actually I don’t live in Sibiu now – I just lived there for nearly 3 months in 2007 and took a million pictures, hence the blog. It’s good for me to take a daily trip down memory lane 🙂 (Check out Glasgow Daily Photo, that’s where I do live!).

    Babooshka, thank you. The colours were amazing. I wish Glasgow had sun like this (though not the temperatures – by the end of June we were up to 40+ degrees, it was exhausting!).

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