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Bikers’ convention?

Posted by Jackie on December 30, 2008

As I was walking back home from the Brukenthal Museum along Str. Mitropoliei, absolutely loads and loads of motorbikes cruised past. I’ve no idea what it was all in aid of, and of course after taking this picture, just as I put my camera away the best sight of all appeared – just after the cavalcade of bikers (there must have been 50+ of them), these two guys on teeny tiny mopeds chugged along at the back. I really don’t think they were part of the main bunch of bikers, but it really made me laugh anyway, it was perfect comic timing. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take their picture, but here are a few of the main lot of bikers.

30 May 2007


One Response to “Bikers’ convention?”

  1. Hilda said

    Just your telling about the mopeds made me laugh too! 50+ bikers must have been an awesome sight.

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