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Posted by Jackie on December 20, 2008

Hilda in the comments a few days ago asked if the Brukenthal Museum had any illuminated manuscripts. I can’t help with the illuminations, but did manage to take this shot, though I can’t make out now what this particular book was. They did have Brukenthal’s Bible on display, but my picture of that wasn’t so good.

30 May 2007


6 Responses to “Manuscript”

  1. Hilda said

    Hee hee, I got me an early Christmas present!

    This is an illuminated manuscript — ‘illuminated’ is just an old-style way of saying ‘illustrated.’ I’ve been in love with books ever since I was a kid and my appreciation for them increased even more when I spent several years as a graphic designer. The calligraphy here looks awesome too.

    Thanks so much, Jackie!

  2. Très beau livre. De quand date-t-il ? Je suis toujours émerveillée par ces écritures !

  3. Lunarossa said

    Thanks Jackie for posting it and Hilda for the explanation. If you enlarge the photo you can actually read some Old German text!!! Lovely. Ciao. Antonella

  4. babooshka said

    This a wonderful capture not only the perspective but the subject it’s self. The art of calligraphy is indeed beautiful as this demonstrates.

  5. Hilda said

    Gosh, Jackie. No need to apologize at all — it’s such a nerdy thing to like, actually. I doubt if any of my friends know what it means either. But I see that Melanie found your post — she loves old books waaay more than I do! 😀

  6. Jackie said

    Melanie, je ne sais pas le secol, malheureusement. (Boy my French is so rusty – I could say that much better and easier in Romanian!).

    Hilda, you’re very welcome – thanks for enlightening me 🙂

    Lunarossa I wasn’t sure of the language but Old German makes sense as Sibiu was an old Saxon town.

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