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Brukenthal Museum entrance

Posted by Jackie on December 16, 2008

Over the next few days I’ll show some pictures from the Brukenthal Museum, which is found on Piata Mare. Samuel von Brukenthal was the Habsburg governor of Transylvania, and he started collecting in the late 18th century. This part of the museum houses art work (15th-18th century mainly, but there was some modern stuff too when I was there), engravings, books, that sort of thing. To be honest I found it a bit stuffy inside (I prefer museums with more modern exhibits, on the whole – there are only so many pictures of fat men in wigs that I can handle), but there were plenty of opportunities for photos so I was happy with that 🙂

30 May 2007


2 Responses to “Brukenthal Museum entrance”

  1. Hilda said

    Oh wow, what fabulous details on this building! Any illuminated manuscripts? I would have loved that!

  2. Jackie said

    Not illuminated, but I can do you a manuscript – look out in a couple of days’ time 🙂

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