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Ghostly drummer

Posted by Jackie on November 12, 2008

Traditional Japanese taiko drumming at the opening ceremony, Sibiu 14th International Festival of Theatre.

I was right at the front, so for a change flash photography did work (usually at concerts flash photos will just give you a picture of a dark stage and the back of someone’s head). The flash photos of this concert are clearer, but the ones without flash (like this one) convey more of a sense of the energy and movement involved even though they’re a bit wobblier. I love the effect here (entirely intentional and not accidental at all, oh no). I’ll show a clearer one tomorrow, taken with flash, so you can see the contrast.

24 May 2007


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  1. Ian said

    Not only a beautiful blog, but such an informative one [flash-less shots conveying more movement]. I feel edukated. 🙂

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