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Garsoniera: home sweet home

Posted by Jackie on November 6, 2008

This is a very personal view from Sibiu – this was the day I moved into the little garsoniera (Romanian for studio flat) that was my home for the next couple of months, and so very occasionally I might feature pictures from the flat on the blog to be self-indulgent 🙂

When I moved in the flat didn’t have any curtains at all. Actually there were only 2 windows in the whole place, this one in the bed/living room, and one in the kitchen. Both looked out onto a communal area, and one of my neighbours in particular seemed to be absolutely fascinated by my eating habits – it was a bit off-putting sitting at the table at the kitchen window eating my breakfast with a really blatant audience staring in through the window! I couldn’t cope with the thought of an audience in the bedroom too, so rigged up this temporary solution until the estate agency finally got round to putting blinds in. I really like this bedding – because I couldn’t bring loads of stuff as I was carrying it myself from the UK there was very little in the way of “personal touches” in the flat, but this stuff really cheered the place up and made it feel like home.

23 May 2007


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  1. Ian said

    Be self-indulgent! I love looking at places people call home — and the personal touches they’ve added, such as your blanket. 🙂

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