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cardboard Trabant in cardboard box

Posted by Jackie on November 1, 2008

Later the same day, having seen ballroom-dancing kids in the street earlier, in Piata Mare I saw a cardboard (or perhaps papier mache?) Trabant in a giant cardboard box. It’s art, apparently. I overheard the artist explaining what it was about – it was some kind of pseudy type thing, the details of which I forget, something to do with a statement about the nature of travel or something or other. I’m not sure if the guy was allowed to exhibit here or not – it must only have been here a couple of hours, when I came back a bit later it was gone.

Now if I’d been the artist, I would have invited people to write their favourite Trabant jokes on the cardboard box. However, as I’m not, I’ll invite you to write them (or Skoda jokes, or whatever little tinpot car is local to you) in the comments instead 🙂

I’ll go first – what do you call a Trabant with seatbelts? A rucksack.

22 May 2007


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