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Strictly Come Dancing

Posted by Jackie on October 30, 2008

One thing about Sibiu being European Capital of Culture last year was that often you would be confronted with random bits of ‘culture’ in unexpected places. As I walked back along Str. Balcescu, I found these two kids ballroom dancing in the middle of the street. As you do. I’m guessing they were 8 or 9 years old (I saw them later on during my stay on a stage in Piata Mica – I think they belong to a dance school in the city).  I wonder what Len, Arlene, Bruce and co would have thought of them? (sorry – UK cultural reference there, the clue’s in the title!).

22 May 2007


4 Responses to “Strictly Come Dancing”

  1. A lot cuter than the so called celebrities we have plodding about.

  2. babooshka said

    Clouded yellow is going to get his bum smacked if he doesn’t log out of my laptop. The BBC will be informed if he doesn’t comply. Obviously the commnet above was mine.

  3. Ian said

    Wow. What a sight to see.

  4. tash said

    this is just wonderful – the kids look so good at their art!

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