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Ramada Hotel again

Posted by Jackie on October 29, 2008

I showed this hotel in the early days of this blog, here it is from another angle. It is just opposite the bank shown yesterday (in fact you may spot a bit of the hotel in the reflection). The Ramada is one of Sibiu’s most expensive and exclusive hotels.

Here’s a random unrelated factoid: see the white car in the foreground of this photo, on the left?  That is a Dacia.  The first time I came to Romania, in 1993, I’d say about 95% of the cars were this model (or its estate version) – most of the rest were other eastern European cars – Skoda, Lada, and even the odd Trabant.  The design was sold to Dacia (the Romanian state car manufacturer) by Renault, and is exactly the same as the old Renault 12.  It freaked me out when I saw so many, as we had had a Renault 12 as our family car when I was a kid in the 70s.  Nowadays you don’t see so many – they don’t make this design any more, and there are many many more varieties and makes of cars.  When I returned to Romania a couple of years ago, after a break of several years, one of the first things I noticed before anything else was that not every car was a Dacia.

22 May 2007


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  1. Ian said

    Those sort of things make travel so interesting…it must be fascinating if all the cars are so similar.

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