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Posted by Jackie on October 20, 2008

This is the organ loft in the Evangelical Cathedral. There are regular organ concerts here – the resident organist is pretty good, and they have visiting musicians too.

22 May 2007


3 Responses to “Organ”

  1. Hilda said

    It’s posts like this that I wish blogs had an easy way of adding audio! I haven’t heard a pipe organ playing ever — I don’t even know which churches in Manila have one. There’s a very famous bamboo organ here, but it’s so far from where we live so we haven’t even gone to the annual festival.

  2. george said

    hi, hilda

    it’s a pity you haven’t heard yet the sound of a church organ…
    there are beyond description the feelings you live during a Bach (for example) piece played in such a church; even the air and the stone vibrate together with your soul…

    so, even if you hear such masterpieces on net (e.g. Youtube) in my opinion the experience of hearing an organ played in such a church is non-recurring

    @ jackie, thanks a lot for this place, your photos and contribution (I very much like Sibiu, where I was born and where I live)

  3. Jackie said

    Yes, the sound really is something to behold. I’d love to hear a bamboo organ though – I’ve never heard anything like that before!

    @George – Mersi mult pentru comentariu – mi-e dor foarte mult de Sibiu, si astept ziua cand o sa revin! Imi place foarte foarte mult orasul tau!

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