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walking back

Posted by Jackie on September 29, 2008

Walking back up to Piata Mica.

22 May 2007


5 Responses to “walking back”

  1. Hope said

    Your photos and blog are just wonderful! I’m glad I discovered your blog!

  2. babooshka said

    Does this place have any ugly areas. It’s just so sweet.

  3. Ian said

    My question too Babooshka. Wow. I could walk this every morning.

  4. Jackie said

    Thank you everyone.

    The historic centre of Sibiu (which is pretty much all I’ve shown so far) is very compact, very pretty and ridiculously photogenic. And as I lived in it, I was snapping the whole time. There are areas out of the centre which aren’t so lovely (some of which will appear at some point, but I’m doing my photos chronologically so it may be a while yet). Also don’t forget it was European Capital of Culture so got lots of money to tart up the city centre. The same thing happened to Glasgow – which now has a pretty fab city centre, but outlying areas can still be pretty rough (Glasgow was ECoC in 1990).

  5. Kris said

    Some nice rounded edges in the old town.

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