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Liar’s Bridge

Posted by Jackie on September 22, 2008

This view is heading away from Piata Mica towards Podul Minciunilor, or the Liar’s Bridge. The first time I came to Sibiu (and when I came back for a week in October last year before heading back to Glasgow) I stayed in a hotel just round the corner from here. This under-bridge walkway starts in the middle of Piata Mica, and descends while the square stays on the level.

Legend has it that if you tell a lie while standing on the bridge it will collapse. Though the former Communist leader Ceausescu gave a speech from it and lived to tell the tale, so I’m not sure how convincing the legend is! According to the Rough Guide to Romania, Ceausescu really disliked Sibiu, and only visited it the once.

22 May 2007


4 Responses to “Liar’s Bridge”

  1. Ian said

    Great photo: and great name for the bridge!

  2. Kris said

    Ceausescu a liar? Never!

    Given his appalling personal taste, the people of Sibiu should take his dislike as an overwhelming complement.

  3. babooshka said

    I love the myth, but it is a pity it wasn’t true as far as Ceausescu was concerned.

  4. Jackie said

    Kris – indeed, my thoughts exactly.

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