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Posted by Jackie on August 26, 2008

One thing that I noticed was that even the corporate sponsors of the Capital of Culture entered into the spirit of things – even this advert for BCR (Commercial Bank of Romania) was arty, I rather liked it. (Please note, other banks are also available 😉 ).

21 May 2007


3 Responses to “Artiness”

  1. babooshka said

    I used to work for Barclays. Not at all arty.

  2. How do you get to be the ‘capital of culture’? Is there a vote?

  3. Jackie said

    It’s a European Union thing I think – cities are announced several years in advance, and there are two per year. Last year it was Sibiu and Luxembourg, this year it’s Liverpool (UK) and Stavanger (Norway). No idea which two it will be next year though. The chosen city gets lots of European money to spend on tarting up existing cultural aspects of the city, and for developing new ones – there will be loads of festivals, theatre, concerts etc going on.

    Glasgow was City of Culture in 1990 and it transformed the city centre. It was a huge part in the city’s regeneration, and it looks like it was a really good thing for Sibiu too, judging by the ongoing cultural stuff that seems to be going on there.

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