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Pro- and anti-Basescu campaign posters

Posted by Jackie on August 16, 2008

This will be a blast from the past for Romanian readers. In May last year the government tried to impeach President Basescu (he’s the guy in both the posters), using a public referendum. This was rather a silly thing to do, given that Basescu was very very popular, by and large, with the general public. His “No” campaign poster is the one at the top, it refers to his anti-corruption ticket and says “To not hear? That’s what they want. What do you want? Vote No to the President’s impeachment”. There were similar posters with him covering his eyes and his mouth, and they were everywhere you looked, wherever you were in the country, all over the place. I hardly ever saw any government anti-Basescu posters, but one of them is in the bottom right hand corner, and I took the photo as the juxtaposition of the two was quite striking. That one reads “He changed. He’s obsessed with power. Romania deserves more. Vote Yes”. [That’s the gist of it. I don’t have my dictionary with me right now so forgive me if there’s the odd mistake!]. Anyway, the vote took place a few days later, and no surprise to anyone, Basescu won with over 75% of the vote.

This picture is from just outside the historic centre of the town, opposite the Dumbrava shopping centre. I ended up living just a short walk from here, just off Str. Balcescu. The day I took these first few photos I was just visiting for the day as I was flat-hunting – at the time I was still in Cluj doing a couple of weeks at the lovely language school I go to when I’m there, and I wasn’t due to move to Sibiu till just over a week later. I’d love someone to do a Cluj Daily Photo blog, there’s tons to see there too.

12 May 2007


5 Responses to “Pro- and anti-Basescu campaign posters”

  1. Kim said

    Such interesting information about the president and his popularity and the opposing viewpoint. Hope you are having fun putting your Romanian photos out there for all to enjoy your summer experience there last year. This is a great shot seeing the two differing posters.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Gerald said

    Your blog has been included in our guide.

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  3. sbuser said

    Welcome to the City Daily Photo community. I look forward to seeing your photos for you most scenic community.

  4. Ian said

    Interesting how ‘personality’ comes into play there; I’m not sure I’d want such large photos of any of our politicians! 🙂

  5. babooshka said

    I don’t think he would have took kindly to my partner’s job then.

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