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Posted by Jackie on August 15, 2008

Staying in Piata Mare, this fountain, with varying height jets of water, was a big hit with kids (and pigeons – you can see one swooping in to join in the action on the bottom right of the picture!). Sometimes the water would disappear altogether, then the holes would start bubbling again and then the water would reappear. Kids had great fun running through it, and I must say that as the summer wore on and the temperature got hotter and hotter, it was a real relief to get close to the cool water!

This was in mid-May, when the temperatures were already in the high 20s – it got much hotter than that later on in the year. I don’t think we’ve got anywhere near the high 20s this summer in Scotland at all!

12 May 2007


3 Responses to “Fountain”

  1. Meead said

    That’s cool! Welcome on your new city daily photo blog.

  2. babooshka said

    This most definitely reminds me of Montpellier. Full of youngsters cooling off with the odd passing dog join in. Mainland Europe, these squares are just so cute.

  3. Curly said

    Looks like great fun!

    Great work on your blog today and a very appropriate picture.

    I’ve just racked up two years at South Shields Daily Photo and I hope to be passing here in two years time to compliment you again! Keep up the good work!
    Thanks to everyone who has passed by and left a comment or some encouragement, it makes it all worthwhile.

    from Curly at South Shields Daily Photo

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