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Welcome to Sibiu!

Posted by Jackie on August 14, 2008

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for ages and ages, but have finally managed to get round to it! My main daily photo blog is here at Glasgow Daily Photo, but between May-July 2007 I lived in Sibiu, Romania. During 2007 Sibiu was European Capital of Culture, and what with the various festivals and events going on and the fact that Sibiu is an incredibly photogenic place, there were lots and lots of opportunities for happy snapping! I haven’t dared count the number of pictures I took – let’s just say ‘lots’ and leave it at that!

So, this blog is going to be a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. It will also be a chance to relive a summer which actually saw some sun – because I’m certainly not having one of those in Glasgow this year!

This opening photo was taken in Piata Mare (aka ‘Big Square’). Throughout Romania on pretty much every public building (local authority, governmental etc) you will see the Romanian and EU flags. In Sibiu they were joined by the flag with the Capital of Culture logo.

12 May 2007


7 Responses to “Welcome to Sibiu!”

  1. babooshka said

    OOH! I’m 1st. Defintitely a fluke, I’m usually playing catch up. Looking forward to this new blog tremendously. An area I know nothing of, and dying to learn more. Fabulous 1st shot with those flags, also mainly new to me flying.

    Good luck

  2. Ian said

    Hurrah! More of your wonderful photos.

  3. Lara said

    so cool that you started this! it is a wonderful city to promote!

  4. Dianne said

    You world traveler you 🙂

    I love your photos so more is great

    and this shot is a beautiful opening – love the soft colors and then the vivid flags

  5. Olivier said

    bonjour et bienvenue dans le monde des DP. Amuse toi bien à nous faire découvrir ta ville.
    good morning and welcome to the world of DP. Entertain please to you, to make us discover your city.

  6. Jackie said

    Thank you for all your lovely comments. I shall get a big head if I’m not careful 🙂

  7. Kerensa said

    Looking forward to being educated! – No pressure there, then.

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